Come mai quando ti squilla il cellulare ti metti a correre? E' lo scatto alla risposta. Giusto! Mi sembra ragionevole...

I have never thought about it, but the Register process is all in ITALIAN! so sorry for the inconvenient! So I help you with register..please pay attention! Step by step:
1) click "register" then "accetto queste condizioni"
2)"nome utente" = your nickname
3)"indirizzo email" = email address
4)"parola d'ordine" = password
Then click "register" and wait for me to activate your account!

Sorry for this inconvenient!!!!Then you can post everything in the "English section" : you can introduce yourself, make orders, chat with everyone, tell problems and so on! DON'T WORRY if you don't understand or write in the wrong place your post, I am here to help you! Please ask me everything you need!
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